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Battle of the Quants 2019 Award Winner


Cognovi Labs was selected as one of the best alternative data providers for investment managers by the Battle of the Quants - BIG DATA judges. This is another validation of the predictability in Cognovi’s alternative data and its ability to anticipate consumer’s future behavior, at scale and in real time.

With Cognovi Labs' AI and data, our clients can:​

  • Forecast & Improve Sales

  • Optimize Products & Merchandising

  • Evaluate, Reposition, & Emotionally Advertise Brands

  • Conduct Virtual Channel Checks

  • Enhance Stock Selection

Enhance Your Investment Process

​Validate your investment thesis in real time using unique fundamental factors about a company under your coverage, or its specific product and services. 


Identify events or other issues that can cause structural changes in consumer motivation in real time – before they impact overall company sales.

Maximize Your Company Sales

Continuously run “virtual channel checks” in real time to better predict your customers’ motivation to purchase your products and services.

Enhance your merchandise management, product development and business strategy by comparing your customer's purchasing motivation across your industry.

Improve the ROI of Your Ad Campaigns

Forecast and measure in real time how effective your ad campaigns will be for generating future sales of the products and services of your client's customers.

Increase lead generation and acquisition rates by more quickly and accurately identifying the advertisements that work best and eliminating the more ineffective ones.




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