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Cognovi Labs Effectively Creates a Cutting Edge Crystal Ball

If you had the superpower to predict the future, what would you do? Buy a lottery ticket? Bet on a sports team?

Consider broader horizons. To crush it in the retail marketplace, think about forecasting the success of the next must-have product. Or invest, foreseeing the growth of potential financial markets to become the next Warren Buffet. Turning to politics, how about predicting the winners of the midterm elections, earning guest appearances on all the news networks? If you’re concerned about public health, announce the next medical breakthrough at the best time to be accepted by doctors, patients and the general public alike. For national security, you could anticipate peaceful protests or acts of domestic violence and be able to distinguish the difference.

These are not pipe dreams for Cognovi Labs, a predictive analytics company that applies advanced technological and psychological developments to gaze into possible futures for government, social welfare and private sector interests. Predictive analysis itself is not new. For decades, forecasters have gathered historical data to assess potential outcomes, typically by using quantitative statistical analyses of occurrences, prices, scores, etc. But Cognovi offers more than a backward look at old, cold numbers: it anticipates how impassioned humans will make decisions and act accordingly.


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