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Sometimes a “loser” is not simply a loser

By Beni Gradwohl, Jim Levites, Caroline Jones, Bharat Tewarie, Colin Butler, Zach Levy, Oded Loewenstein, and Alan Smith

Sometimes a “loser” is not simply a loser.

Consider yesterday’s Super Bowl ads, both in terms of commercial reception and the longer-lasting implications for each contributing company.

USA TODAY’s Ad Meter panelists were asked to rate each Super Bowl ad between February 9 and February 14, leading to an eventual list of “winners” and “losers”: Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage took number one, while Coinbase trailed last at number 66. Social media conversations on Super Bowl Sunday reflected Rocket Homes (via Anna Kendrick) successfully engaging viewers in a pleasant emotional experience, while Coinbase left them entertained, amused and largely caught off guard.

What does this mean for the morning after, and what of the longer-term consequences of these advertisements?

As to be expected, Cognovi Labs' Emotion AI saw considerable increases in conversation for both companies vis-à-vis their ads. Of particular significance, however, is the emotional profile that remained. The company’s Intent score, or the level of emotional activation toward the brand, showed a low of 6% for Rocket Homes preceding the Super Bowl, an increase to 34% on Super Bowl Sunday, and a decline to 7% by 7 pm today.

As for Coinbase, the company’s Intent score followed a reverse trend: social media conversations revealed an Intent of 42% leading up to the big event, a plummet to 20% upon airing its Super Bowl commercial, and a recovery so far today at 49% with a full emotional range and striking motivation toward the brand.

What’s the takeaway?

While Rocket Homes won the hearts of fans with its commercial during the Super Bowl, Coinbase is captivating the audience on multiple levels today, eliciting the emotional diversity of Joy, Anger, Sadness, Surprise, Amusement, Contempt, Hope and Trust. We remain engaged, invested and emotionally involved – even after the conclusion of the much-anticipated game.

And, given that, we are looking at two Super Bowl winners.


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