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Measures of emotion: Cognovi uses artificial intelligence to understand how we feel

Some fields of psychology and philosophy argue for a conscious, rational, objective mind. But in real life, logical fact-finding can lead to deductions and inferences that are subjectively evaluated according to a person’s belief system, the source of the information, how it’s delivered, and the anticipated effects on the person or those they love.

For the most part, we make decisions and behave depending on how we “feel” about the information we collect. We know the reasons why we shouldn’t have that drink, but it makes us happy. We know the reasons why we should go to the doctor with our symptoms, but we’re afraid of the diagnosis.

In other schools of thought, logic has nothing to do with it. Opinions, decisions and behaviors are based on complex mental and affective processes that operate out of awareness and certainly not based on logic. Whether these processes are described as intuitive or implicit, unconscious or subconscious, the experienced emotion is the primal key to understanding them.

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