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Fear due to lack of ventilators

Ventilators will be needed by many coronavirus patients in respiratory distress. New York State, the state with the highest number of infections, estimates 30,000 ventilators will be needed at the apex of the virus. Currently, the state has 7,000 in inventory.

Cognovi’s EMOTION AI is measuring that the public is showing more fear around the topic of ventilators than around the topic of coronavirus in general. In fact, the emotional impact of fear as it relates to ventilators is nearly double the impact of fear towards the Coronavirus in general.

Initially, fear decreased when auto manufacturers including Ford and General Motors were authorized to start production of ventilators. This week, however, fear increased when the public realized the auto manufacturers do not know how long the manufacturing process will take.

In this case, when the future is uncertain, fear is dominant. When specific actions are taken or a solid plan is shared with the public, fear will decrease and in some cases joy will be displayed.


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