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EVENT IMPACT APP Use Case: Constellation Brands

Use Case Constellation Brands (Corona® Beer)

In this use case, the EVENT IMPACT APP served as a virtual channel check via online resources to alert subscribers of a change in emotion toward Constellation Brands, specifically for Corona Beer. Amid Coronavirus concerns in January 2020 consumers were worried about where the virus was going. This confusion caused an emotional reaction from the consumer between January - April 2020.

On January 23, 2020 Cognovi's EVENT IMPACT APP, alerted Bloomberg Terminal subscribers of a HIGH IMPACT event regarding Constellation Brands, Inc., specifically about their brand, Corona Beer. This alert was delivered 49 days before the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Image below depicts the first Event Impact Alert notifying subscribers of a HIGH IMPACT EVENT for Constellation Brands.

The image below shows 14 HIGH and 3 MEDIUM alerts regarding consumer confusion between Coronavirus and Corona Beer (Constellation Brand)s from January 2020 through March 2020.

Impact Alert HIghlights

  1. February 29, 2020, an alert regarding consumers discussions around a survey reporting that 38% of Americans would not drink Corona Beer because they did not want to take any chances with anything that could be related to this deadly virus.

  2. March 3, 2020, Bloomberg subscribers were alerted to Constellation Brands public statement regarding the fact that consumers know the difference between the virus and the beer. Even with this public statement, the conversation did not stop.

By clicking <go>, a Bloomberg subscriber can view additional trends about a corporation they're following. For Constellation Brands, Emotional Intensity increased as illustrated below. From the time of the first alert, subscribers were given 49 days' notice and 16 alerts bringing attention to the volume and emotional intensity detected from consumer conversation regarding Corona Beer.

On March 24, Fox news reported that though household essentials like toilet paper, non-perishable foods and cleaning disinfectants are in high demand across the country as anxious shoppers stock up during the coronavirus pandemic, not everything is reportedly flying off the shelves. In recent days, some Twitter users have playfully pointed out the products that bulk-buyers can apparently do without. Through the ongoing outbreak, take a look at eight grocery store staples that social media commentators claim remain in ample supply at their local supermarkets.


Using the extracted emotions, Cognovi Labs is able to differentiate our service even further by predicting what the consumer will do next. For example Cognovi's Motivation score, shown below.

Data analyzed January 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020

Motivation toward Constellation Brands significantly decreased in January 2020, from a steady above average score throughout 2019. This decrease indicates consumers were not as motivated to buy Corona Beer as they were prior to identifying COVID-19's virus family: Coronavirus.

In this case, the increased emotional intensity triggered by high impact alerts regarding the online conversations around the similarity between Corona Beer brand name and the medical terminology for Covid-19's virus family: Coronavirus. Early on, Cognovi's EMOTION AI was able to produce more than sentiment and show consumers were highly emotional about this similarity. Their emotion caused heightened Emotional intensity indicating consumers were susceptible to making emotional purchasing decisions, ultimately leading to a decrease in purchasing Motivation from a lack of response/assurance from Constellation that Corona Beer was safe.


Beer sales have increased considerably this past quarter as Americans are buying more alcohol while sheltering at home. One brand that hasn't seen as sharp of an increase is the Corona family of beers, due to the stigma of being emotionally connected to the virus that bears its same name. Corona only grew depletion volume by 5% compared to the same quarter last year, versus its sister brand Modelo growing depletions by 18% over the same period.


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