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Death Toll in US approaches 10,000: if you’re not following the rules, you’re killing people

Over the last week, the Corona Virus Panic Index (CPI) has steadily increased for the topic of social distancing. Though a large percentage of the public understands the importance of sheltering at home and social distancing, there is a significant number, of all ages, who are ignoring the rules. And the emotional impact is evident in the CPI.

At first, it was younger populations who were not following guidelines. This group now includes older Americans (seniors) who are feeling isolated. There are also those who are gathering in places of worship believing it is their constitutional right to practice freedom of religion. There is also a section of the population that believe this crisis is a hoax.

The Cognovi Panic Index Score, increased around the topic of social distancing. The discussion being measured was an urgent plea for people to stay home, go out only for essentials and when outdoors only interact with people from within your household. Those who are not observing these guidelines are perceived by the public as selfish by threatening the health of others and causing more fatalities.

Panic Index Trend: Panic increased when the public was introduced to the term social distance in early March. Soon after, this became the new normal. Panic resurfaced when it was announced that social distancing would be extended through the end of April. As the pandemic becomes more devastating, the public is becoming more disgusted, by those who refuse to take this situation seriously.


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