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Cognovi’s Bloomberg Event App, a Financial Market Tool, Provides Coronavirus Insight

In Q4 2019, Cognovi Labs partnered with Bloomberg to launch the Event Impact App for Bloomberg App Portal subscribers. The App allows investors to see the real-time emotional impact of an event for a given company. Event alerts are related to consumer response to events like: product launches, marketing campaigns or news stories.

Given that the #1 topic in the world is Coronavirus and it is affecting the entire population, we have seen the number of high impact company events skyrocket. Consumers are highly emotionally engaged, having an impact on many corporations. Consumers are responding to the pandemic, and these responses can be positive or negative depending on the emotions evoked by the event.

For example, consumers were confused about the origin of the virus when first hearing about it in January. Some believed the virus came from Corona Beer. Cognovi caught this confusion as early as January 23rd. And sure enough, a month later, a survey conducted by 5W Public Relations indicated that 38% of those surveyed would not drink Corona Beer because of the Coronavirus. Constellation Brands, Corona Beer’s parent company, addressed the issue via several digital channels.

In early March, Coronavirus became real for the public. Initial chatter was around hand sanitizer and toilet paper, and over the last week, it has evolved to the economy and job security. Consumers are saying that when this pandemic is over, they will remember the companies who demonstrated an interest in the health and well-being of their employees and those that did not.

Cognovi Event Impact App on Bloomberg Terminal

Take a look at the above examples of highly emotionally impactful events. Corporations should be aware of the public’s changing emotional attitude towards them and have their PR and marketing groups react accordingly. Cognovi provides a host of tools to not only quantify consumer emotions, but also drive consumer behavior by stimulating specific emotional patterns.


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