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Cognovi Labs Releases to the Public Its Vaccine Confidence Tracker, A Psychological Artificial In...

Cognovi Labs, a market leader in understanding how people make decisions and how to shape the outcome, today released to the public its award-winning Emotion Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to measure in real time the public's confidence and decision making around the COVID-19 vaccine in the USA. The Vaccine Confidence Tracker is available free of charge at

"Human decisions have always driven the world and 90% of these decisions are shaped by emotions," explains Dr. Pisano, Cognovi Labs' Chief Psychology Officer. "But never before have we been able to scientifically measure how these decisions are made at scale and in real time. COGNOVI EMOTION AITM provides this unique and deep understanding of the emotional, mostly subconscious, drivers that underlie human decisions."

"All of us, from corporate leaders to individuals, often make decisions without fully understanding the unintended consequences," explains Jeff Hoffman, Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Advisor to Cognovi Labs. "But it is precisely the effect of these consequences which have outsized ramifications on business success. Now, for the first time, we have a science-based and data-driven tool provided by Cognovi Labs, which provides the irreplaceable insights to quantify the impact on people's decisions and next actions."


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