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Cognovi Labs' Emotional AI Can Help Counter COVID-19 Vaccine Propaganda and Enhance National Secu...

Cognovi Labs, a company developing technologies to prioritize social responsibility using Artificial Intelligence (AI), was recently named the 2021 PM360 Trailblazer finalist for the Vendor/ Supplier Company of the Year award.

PM360 is a pharmaceutical and biotech-focused publication whose Trailblazer Awards recognize shaping innovation and achievement in the dynamic healthcare marketing. Cognovi Labs was picked out because of its Cognovi Emotional AI. It is their latest product using artificial intelligence to generate real-time emotional insights at scale to pick out precise emotions that influence decision making.

Of note, the artificial intelligence-powered solution has a psychological founding. However, the integration of AI makes it more beneficial as it provides a clearer picture of how people are influenced by their emotions during decision-making. This is central to Cognovi Labs' focus, realizing that people are subconsciously influenced by their feelings during decision-making. These decisions can be arbitrary, including how people choose their favorite companies, products and how they go about their daily routines.


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