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Zach Levy

Managing Director, Federal

Zach currently serves as the Managing Director of Federal at Cognovi Labs.  Prior to joining Cognovi Labs, Zach spent a few years between DXC Technology and Enlighten (EITC) where he focused on identifying client capability gaps and leading strategic sales to meet the demands of the mission-critical technology and services ecosystems.  Before pivoting to the private sector, Zach served in the US Army and Joint organizations with distinction in various special operations forces across the Dept of Defense and Intelligence Community.  Due to combat injuries, he was medically retired from active duty, last serving at the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG).  Zach specialized in information warfare, technology integration, irregular warfare, and national security policy and strategy.  His education includes a MA of International Service from American University, MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a Double BA in Sociology and Political Science from Ohio University.

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