Cognovi Labs takes the science of emotions and creates custom solutions to help drive your business performance.  We measure your customers’ emotional response and help you proactively adjust your strategy to cater to their emotions.  Our AI-powered Emotion Analytics provide you with actionable insights at scale and in real time.  Here are the types of solutions we've provided to our clients:


Real-time intelligence into the relative perception of your brand and products

Measuring the public's emotions toward your brand, benchmarking its emotional appeal in real-time....

  1. Volume of conversation mentioning your brand

  2. How emotional that conversation is

  3. How the mix of emotions influences a consumer's impression of the brand

  4. Prevalent emotion expressed about the brand

  5. ­How people feel about your brand by custom topics

  6. How people feel about your brand on specific product categories

  7. What specific emotions the brand elicits compared to its competitors

  8. Your brand’s emotional equity in various geos; can drill down to the county level

  9. Trends comparing your brand against the industry or specific competitors

Simplifies the complexity of customer emotions into clear and actionable insights

  • Real-time insights into the current sales cycle, and what you can do to improve it

    • ​Understand how and where your messages resonating

    • Identify where to spend your money, and how to be more efficient with that spend

  • Intelligence into where, why, and how to gain market share​

    • Continuously track the changes relative to competitors​

  • Informs the ROI for other mgmt decisions, such as merchandising / shelf space​



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The emotional attitudes of your patients, doctors and investors are constantly in flux.  Cognovi tracks those trends and delivers you insights, allowing you to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities.




50% of medications are never filled, resulting in nearly $300B in avoidable healthcare costs in the US each year.

  • Patients who do not fill their medication are often emotionally trapped

    • High levels of joy can lead to complacency, fear can turn into resistance, while anger and disgust create an incentive.

    • An example from prior work (disease and client masked for confidentiality):

Cognovi EMOTION AI provides insights on how to unlock the “non-activators” and increase the product’s LTV.




Our Emotion Triggered Marketing (ETM) helps tailor your messaging and marketing campaigns to trigger the precise emotions that yield a desired action.



    • Understand how the emotional drivers differ between segments, products, and brands

    • Identify the optimal emotional triggers to drive the motivation and desired action

    • Proactively shape your messaging to stimulate your customer’s precise emotional response and drive behavior towards the desired outcome


    • Structure your creatives around the optimal emotion triggering words, phrases and topics

    • Enhance your customer’s emotional engagement and motivation


    • Measure the emotional response, at scale and in real time, to continuously enhance performance through our feedback loop


By analyzing various emotions and the intensity of those emotions, Cognovi Labs can calculate public anxiety.  We recently applied this capability to today's preeminent crisis, COVID-19, garnering significant coverage from the press, as illustrated in the below video.  To view our live Coronavirus Panic Index on various topics, click here.  


Real-time intelligence into the public's anxiety level on various issues


Measuring the emotional impact of an incident or event

It's difficult to understand and measure the impact of incident or event involving a company's name.  These can be unplanned incidents (negative article, leadership scandal, or maybe a just a random meme making its rounds on social media) or planned PR events.  Most PR groups pay attention to the number of eyeballs viewing the event, but there can be high awareness events that have low emotionality, and thus low impact on company, requiring a limited PR response.  Other times, we catch high emotionality events before they go viral and become highly impactful.  It is crucial for a PR group to know how critical an event is in order to know if/how to respond to it.  For a sample of this week's critical alerts, click here.



With all the media and content choices consumers have, understanding the emotions of your fan base is critical now more than ever.  ­Cognovi Labs provides the ability to track, compare, and report fan emotions during and across events.  This allows organizations to track emotional/brand equity to understand their fan base’s changing perception of teams and players/characters, providing valuable business intelligence to production, marketing (team, league, endorsers), ticket sales, broadcast revenue, and merchandise.


We recently did an exercise for the 2020 NFL Draft, measuring live fan reaction pre and post each team's pick.  See below for fan anticipation of this year's marquee pick.  For full fan reaction to each pick, click here.

This is just an example of one of the many applications to which we can apply AI-powered behavioral science.  Cognovi's Emotion Analytics measures the public's emotions about any topic, translating that into actionable insights for marketing, PR, crisis management, and content curation.  Insights that allow you to better predict and even shape consumer behavior!


Measuring fan response to events, drama, and storylines

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