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Oded Loewenstein

Data Scientist

Oded is a Data Scientist at Cognovi Labs, responsible for quantitative analysis, programming and data mining primarily within Cognovi’s financial vertical. Prior to joining Cognovi, Oded was an investment banker and financial advisor in one of Israel’s largest Investment Banks, responsible for business valuations, M&A and capital issuance. He was also a financial analyst in an Israeli hedge fund, responsible for identifying value investments, and constructing systematic investment strategies. After moving to the US in 2016, Oded joined an early-stage startup in the real-estate information technology space as a data analyst. Prior to the above, Oded served in the IDF’s unit 8200 as the operations officer, responsible for mission execution and leading the command room. 

Oded holds a BA from Tel Aviv University with a double major in Accounting and Economics and a MA in Statistics with a Data Science track from Columbia University.

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