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Flavio Lobato

Co-Founder and Chairman

Flavio Lobato is Founder and Managing Partner of Ikove Capital Holdings where he builds disruptive technology companies in partnership with leading research institutions via Ikove Startup Nursery – from which Cognovi Labs is a 2016 graduate.  In addition to Cognovi, Flavio is Chairman of Nikola Labs, Circular Wave Drive and ParaGen Technologies. With more than 20 years in financial markets and alternative investments, Flavio is a financial and business development expert who has managed assets for high net worth families and successfully raised several billions in assets for leading global institutions. Through the Lobato Advisory Group, Flavio guides growth companies’ CEOs in developing robust businesses with high-performance financial and funding strategies.  He is a student Advisor to the Harvard Innovation Lab (I-Lab) and FinTech Sector Lead for the Harvard Business School Angels of NYC.  Flavio also serves on the Board of Directors for Mission Elephant, a non-profit trying to save the African elephant.  Flavio received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his BA, International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami.

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