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Amit Sheth, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Technical Advisor

Dr. Amit Sheth is an educator, professor, researcher and entrepreneur.  He is the Ohio Eminent Scholar at Wright State University and an IEEE fellow. With an h-index of 95, he is one of the 100 most cited Computer Science authors in the world and among the top few authors in World Wide Web.  Amit is the Executive Director of Kno.e.sis at Wright State University which is among the top institutions in the world in AI research related to social media, Internet of Things and Big Data. Dr. Sheth is currently working towards a vision of Computing for Human Experience, which focuses on human-centric, future-intelligent computing.  His recent research themes include “smart data” (coined in 2004), “semantic sensor web” (coined in 2007), “citizen sensing” (coined in 2008) and “semantic perception” (initiated in 2010).  Dr. Sheth has founded and advised several companies, including the first Semantic Web company in 1999 that pioneered technology similar to what is found today in Google Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph. Cognovi Labs is the third company founded based on licensing of his university-led research.

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