Cognovi Labs quantifies consumer purchasing intent. An early innovator in Emotion AI, it is globally recognized for its successes in predictive and prescriptive analytics using topic-specific emotion and intent algorithms.

Cognovi's AI-based alternative data allows discretionary traders and fundamental analysts to run virtual channel checks and validate their investment thesis in real time. At the same time, they can monitor their consumer stocks for shifts in consumer purchasing intent and get and early indication of future sales before ther impact stock prices. Quants can backtest and integrate Cognovi's predictive emotional and behavioral factors in their investment process.

The foundation of Cognovi Labs' Artificial Intelligence is deeply rooted in a keen understanding of behavioral science, the nuances of expressive language and AI programming for a sophisticated, predictive analytics model.

Cognovi Labs' raw data is available through Bloomberg Access Point, Battlefin Ensemble and directly from the company. The EVENT IMPACT APP is available on the Bloomberg terminal at APPS COGNOVI <GO>.

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